Fire Extinguishers

Keep your business or home safe with a properly maintained fire extinguisher!
With FireXpert, you will receive expert advice on the correct type of extinguisher for your safety needs, professional service and quality workmanship at a fair price. We follow National Fire Codes NFPA 10 for our service standard. With our service, a detailed maintenance record is provided for fire inspections, insurance audits, price estimates and individual record keeping. All testing is properly completed without cutting any corners and we guarantee our work. We offer mobile service at your location or you can bring them to our shop conveniently located on Cherry Lane in Meridian.

Annual service
The extinguisher is visually and functionally examined to be in proper working order (no rust, dents or other damages to the cylinder and all parts are in good operating condition) before a FireXpert certification tag is applied. Our fire extinguishers are guaranteed to be in good condition and holding a full charge or we will reservice it free of charge. If the extinguisher does not pass our inspection due to damage, poor quality or is out of NFPA compliance, replacement will be recommended before certification can be completed.

6 year breakdown
The extinguisher is completely emptied of all chemical, the internal cylinder is checked for integrity and the o-ring, valve stem and pressure gauge is checked and replaced if needed. A dated collar ring is put in to place for verification of the 6 year service and cannot be changed unless the full breakdown has been done.

12 year hydrostatic test
FireXpert is a D.O.T. certified testing facility for all hydrostatic testing of fire extinguishers and kitchen suppression cylinder. The extinguisher (or cylinder) is emptied of all chemical, filled with water, then pressurized to manufacturer specifications and maintained for at least 30 seconds to test for operational integrity. The chamber is dried, refilled with chemical and recharged with pressure, following the same service standards as the 6 year breakdown.

UL listing – All fire extinguishers and systems sold or serviced by FireXpert must be UL listed by the latest government standards. Otherwise a fire extinguisher will be condemned and replaced with a new unit and a system will be condemned or “red-tagged” as non-compliant and will only be certified by FireXpert if updated or replaced with the current government UL listing standard.

Quality, commercial-grade extinguishers sold or serviced by FireXpert:
Amerex – Ansul – Badger – Buckeye – Pyro Chem – Kidde

Training Classes:
Companies often require employee training on life safety which includes the use of fire extinguishers. A fire extinguisher is only effective when used properly! We can provide anything from a video in-class presentation to a full hands-on fire demonstration using live fire and pressurized extinguishers (where outdoor burning is permitted). Proactively educate yourself and your employees by conducting regular training by FireXpert professionals.

Hand Portable – Wheeled – Halon/Halotron

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