Restaurant Kitchen Systems

Commercial kitchens in restaurants, cafeterias, schools, churches, catering businesses and even concession trailers with grease producing appliances require a fire suppression system, separate from the general water sprinkler system of the building, to follow safety and fire codes. When appliances are covered by a suppression system, fires are extinguished quickly and stay contained within the cooking area, keeping your employees, customers and property safe. The gas is also shut off automatically, preventing the fire from reigniting and an alarm is sent to the fire department. Clean up and system recharge can be done same-day, usually within a few hours, at a reasonable cost. The alternative is a fire out of control, loss of the entire property and even loss of life. Fire inspections for occupancy compliance by local authorities require a UL listed suppression system properly maintained every 6 months (NFPA 17 fire code) and most insurance companies require documentation of such service to maintain your coverage and even lower rates.

New Systems
New construction installations and remodeled kitchens are executed in a timely and professional manner. Provide us with your appliance specifications and project timeline and we will give you a free estimate with on site consultation if necessary. You are guaranteed quality workmanship with a one year warranty, which includes the filing of a city permit and final life safety inspection for occupancy. FireXpert has developed a great reputation among local city fire inspectors, general contractors, suppliers and repeat customers. Call us today for your fire suppression system consultation!

Semi Annual Maintenance
FireXpert technicians take the time to properly inspect all aspects of your fire suppression system. Necessary parts for optimum performance are replaced, not reused, and nozzles are cleaned and caps are replaced if missing to keep grease from collecting in them. Our technician will also make the kitchen staff on duty familiar with the operation of your system. Also at each service, an inspection report form is completed in detail for each system, with a copy provided to your company and a copy kept on record for 4 years and available upon request. We service many types of kitchen systems: Ansul, Amerex, Buckeye, Pyro Chem, Kidde, Badger, Guardian, Perfect Fry and Range Guard. Call us today to set up your service appointment!